Not Just Romance – Wednesday Writing Topic

27 Jan
How do you know what to write? Or for that matter what to read?

The average reader would be shocked by the number of genres (aka categories) authors can write under. We don’t just wake up one day and say, “I’m going to write romance.” Okay, so maybe we do. But as authors we are suppose to give our romance a name. For instance, I’ve recently finished a Young Adult Paranormal Romance (aka YA Para Romo). My current WIP (Work  in Progress), is a Post WWII Novel, and is considered a Mainstream Romance. As well as a 2nd WIP. It’s a  YA Fantasy Romance.

But there are many, many, more: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Historical Romance, Inspirational Romance and Romantic suspense. Gasp, Erotica. (And any combination of these) 😉 Of course there are others I’ve missed.But I’m sure you’re catching my drift.

So how do we decide what we write?

For many of us, we are geared to write what we read. And for those of us who’ll devour any book no matter what the genre, its simply what we’re passionate about.

I love romance in almost any genre, though I have my preferences when it comes to which genres I like best. So I write my passion, Romance. And I choose the genres I write because they are what I like to read with the exception of Romantic Comedy. I avoid writing Romo Coms like the plague. You can’t force funny, if you know what I mean.

So if you’re a reader, what do you like to read the most, and why?

If you’re an author, what is your passion and what genres do you prefer?

After you comment click on here for Wikipedia Free Encylopedia-Romance Novel to read more about my passion and where/how it originated.


2 Responses to “Not Just Romance – Wednesday Writing Topic”

  1. Penny Dune January 27, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    I love Romantic Suspense. Read it and write it. I can’t seem to write a story where something bad is waiting in the shadows. So, no matter what catagory I choose, I always end up with a suspense tagged on. I’ve done ww2 historical, western historical, contemporary… I imagine if I veered into paranormal or YA, the same would happen.

  2. C.D. Yates January 27, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    My sister keeps asking me when I’m going to write a historical. (Or, as she once called it, “a real book”.) I’d love to oblige her; I really would. I love reading historicals–especially Regencies. My favorite writers (other than my Critters, of course) are historical writers like Julia Quinn (and others too numerous to list). But–it’s just not in me. The characters who speak the loudest are the ones I write, and they don’t dance in the ballrooms of the ton. I don’t pick them–they pick me.

    Same thing with the children’s books most people tell me I should write. Just because I narrate my dogs’ thoughts doesn’t mean I can write a story for children. Honestly, I have nothing interesting to say to them. Except “stop fighting and leave Mommy alone”…

    I guess it’s something that non-writers can understand. You write what’s in your heart and your head. Anything else won’t work.

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