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The Short Reviews:Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction and How I Live Now

23 Dec

I’m a fan of reviews, but don’t always like finding out all there is to know about a book before reading one. Mostly it’s nice to know whether a person loved a particular book, or felt like it was a huge disappointment. So I’ll be focusing on short/sweet reviews and give each book a ‘love’ rating based on the rating system below.


December 2010:

How I Live NowThe Report: My sister suggested this book to me

Title: How I live Now

Author: Meg Rosoff

Pages: 194

ISBN:0553376055 (ISBN13: 9780553376050)

RATING: 4♥♥♥♥ bff’s

How I Live Now surprised me.  I wasn’t positive I would care for the author’s unique way of telling the story. In the end, I enjoyed Meg Rossoff’s writing, characters, world and writing style. Parts of the story were just heartbreaking while others brought hope and laughter.

Overall I thought it was an excellent read. Though, I admit it may not tug everyone’s heart as it did mine.


November 2010:

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2)The Report: Purchased Perfect Chemistry (Book #1) from local bookstore

Title: Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry Series, #2)

Author: Simone Elkeles

Pages: 324

ISBN:0802720862 (ISBN13: 9780802720863)

RATING: 6♥♥♥♥♥♥ marry me!

Simone has fast become one of my favorite authors. All that really needs said, is if you haven’t read the Perfect Chemistry series, do. Now that I’m waiting on Chain Reaction (the 3rd in the series to come out) I’ve bought and read several other Simone Elkeles titles. She’s brilliant. This follow up to the first book, Perfect Chemistry features Carlos, Alex’s brother. Carlos is just as hot, dangerous and full of pride. Kiera, his opposite, seems very innocent, but I love the depth the author gives to her character. This is a book (series) I will read over and over again.

**The third book in the series is all about Fuentes brother #3 Louis. Seriously can’t wait!


October 2010:

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1)The Report: Purchased Perfect Chemistry (Book #1) from local bookstore

Title: Perfect Chemistry

Author: Simone Elkeles

Pages: 360

ISBN:0802798225 (ISBN13: 9780802798220)

RATING: 6♥♥♥♥♥♥ marry me!

Simone creates fantastic characters in a lovely story. I adore Alex, the guy from the wrong side of the tracks pitted with the perfectly imperfect Brit. There’s a growth in their relationship that the author captures and maintains throughout the story. And an honesty about how Alex (a gang member) views life and girls. Simone does an excellent job at volleying between the two characters POV, which was key in this book. In short, I loved Perfect Chemistry, love the author, and now I’m off to purchase Rules of Attraction. (No such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to books written by Simone!)


These and future reviews can be referenced any time in the future by clicking on THE SHORT REVIEWS title in the menu bar above the blog header. Hope you enjoyed the reviews! I would love to hear about what you’ve read, what books you love and/or if you have any suggested reads for me. Just let me know by leaving a comment on this post.


BIG NEWS: The Replacement and Rules of Attraction Blog Tours!

22 Dec

Two Fabulous Authors Doing UK Blog Tours.

And since they’re on line tours, we can all play!! Thanks to Jenny over at  Wondrous Reads, for this Fab info!! She says to check out all the details on the banners and join in! (banners made by the talented Kat at S&S!)

I adore both of these authors. Simone Elkeles who I author crush…BIG TIME! And Brenna Yovanoff, who was absolutely lovely participating on a YA panel at Romance Divas! So excited for this event arranged by Simon & Schuster Children’s UK (@simonkids_UK on Twitter).

Tell me, will you be available to play on any of these dates?

Before you go click over to read the most recent December ‘SHORT REVIEW’.

Writing a book is a journey, not a trip to the corner store.

11 Feb

The Journey Ahead

You’ll get the following advice: start a manuscript with action, make motivation clear from the start, hook the reader in the first line, don’t leave the reader with unanswered questions in the first chapter. The list goes on, and on, and on. For some books, these ideas work. For others, not so much. And others still, apply all of them.

The fact is, writing isn’t and shouldn’t be cookie cutter.

Yes, there are rules in writing. Sure, there are ideas out there that work great for the multitudes. On the other hand, we need to remember that while we live in a fast paced world of information, where how-to-do-just-about-anything is at a touch of a button. We also need to know when to apply what applies to us. With so many suggestions out there, it is difficult to sift through them. And if not careful, you might very well end up with a one page, thrill-a-minute story, that lasted literally a minute.

Writing is a journey.

I’m not saying don’t start with a hook. In my opinion you need to. However, will that hook be in the first line, first page, first chapter? You decide. I’m not saying ignore character motivation. Honestly, you shouldn’t, it’s essential. But, does that motivation need to be addressed in the first three words? Usually not.

The best suggestion I’ve ever read was simply this, write!

I’m adding a bit to it, because so much out there tells us to make it to the corner store. I suggest writing a journey. One that starts with a Title, a sentence, a paragraph, a page, a chapter. Applying only the suggestions you need to get you through to the end. You see, a journey takes you from one place to another and doesn’t tell you how to get there. A trip to the corner store shouldn’t be everyone’s destination.

Agent sites and blogs, when you query.

9 Feb

Word of warning. Cause for concern. Be sure and check out agents and their sites before subbing to them. During a visit to one of my favorite agent sites this past week, I read that the agent has considered pulling submission in the United States because authors are not subbing anything remotely close to what they represent. Mind you, this is an agency that deals solely with YA/MG manuscripts. Still, a quick click of the mouse and a writer will know what the agency does and does not rep.

Don’t get me wrong, mistakes get made. Sometimes we hit send on our submissions before checking that everything is attached, spelled or punctuated properly. However, a mistake is a mistake, but unprofessional is unprofessional. It is a mistake to forget an attachment. It is unprofessional to approach an agent when you have done no research on whether or not the agent even reps your genre.

We expect agents to respond to us, get annoyed when they don’t. We expect them to represent us to the best of their ability, to get our books published and on the shelf. And we would be furious if they didn’t do their homework on publishers. So again, I caution all authors take a good look at the agent prior to submitting to them. In the end, it saves everyone time, allows agents to continue excepting submissions and heck, maybe even respond too them.

The title of this post says it all: Agent sites and blogs. Just use them. Most times you’ll find nice specifics that can help you to personalize your query. It’s worth the time.

After you comment feel free to check on the ‘Agent blogs’ on my sidebar. Also, when searching for an agent at lets say, Agent Query, don’t forget to look at their agency websites for more personal guidelines. After all, agents are human too and they may have forgotten to update their guidelines.

Good luck and happy querying.

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