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Teenage Letter To Santa

20 Dec

Dear Santa,

Mom says if I don’t believe in you I don’t get crap for Christmas. So rather than risk it, I’m writing you this letter. Okay, so here goes: If you get me what I want for Christmas, I swear I’ll be awesome-good next year. Like I won’t lie about texting in school or fight with my brother—actually I still might—but I’ll be nice to him too. And when it’s my turn to do dishes, I’ll do them without complaining, probably.

And here’s the list of what I would like: Kindle, Gift cards for music and books, a laptop, a 19inch flat screen tv for my bedroom (the one I have is reeeeeeeally old), a digital camera, an Ipod touch, clothes, store cards so I can buy my own clothes (no offense, but you’ve worn the same suit forever now) and maybe get yourself something nice.

I pledge to believe in you for as long as I live at home.


p.s. If you really want kids to believe in you, maybe consider a website and provide an e-mail address for us to contact you directly. Sorry, but everything is techy now. And while I know kids aren’t supposed to see you, maybe you could start a blog and post pics of your wife, house, reindeer and elves.  Also, maybe you could change your name to Cyber Santa, just a thought.

Merry Christmas!


Shop-o-holic, I am not!

18 May, I’m not. But I’ve a daughter who has needs. It’s true. When she needs something I find the mall is cheaper, faster, easier…er…funner? <–hmmm. Anyway, $3 shirts, $5 shorts. Step aside Walmart. Helloooo: Kholes, Sears, and Old Navy…Of course she talks me into Aero too.

Believe me when I say, I have no draw to large crowds or BIG shopping centers. I love stormy afternoons, inside alone with a cozy sweater, mug of hot cocoa, and a good story to read or write. So when my skinny-minny baby girl needs shorts, shirts, sandals and shoes, I have but little other choice than to leave my haven. And I’ll say this now, the outings take ALL DAY. Her proportions make looking for a needle in the haystack look easy–if it’s good in length, it’s falling off her waist. She’s 11 and grew out of yet another pair of shoes. Really, she may hate me for saying so, but the girls feet are nearly as big as mine, but then she’s nearly as tall as I am too. My goal was to find her the cheapest, ‘coolest pair of shoes’ that she can grow out of next. (I did btw, $39 shoes for $9.99). I’m one happy mama.

Well, this little outing of ours turned out fantastic. Even after I realized all of the husbands outdoor-working-in-the-pole barn-work-jeans stained a bunch of my clothes when I washed them together. So mama got 2 pairs of jeans and a couple tank tops to boot. (Buy 1 get 1 free: $2.50 a piece). Can you tell I love a good deal. Ha!

The best deal of all was a day out with my little girl, who I’ve discovered is not so little. And we were both happy to get away from a house overrun with boys for a while. We’re outnumbered and devised a plan of escape…more girly outings. 😉

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