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A Full Plate

4 Jun much? Nowadays, I think, who isn’t. Between work and writing, kids and family, events and get togethers. Busy, busy busy.

But since I haven’t written a post on what I’m writing, in well, forever. I’m gonna start by saying, that’s busy too. So what’s on my plate?

In the adult, I’m-going-to-be-a-romance-writer-world, I’m in the midst of writing a short story for a FREE READ due out in December. The idea, spearheaded by author and critique partner, Stephanie Taylor, has several of the women (published and unpublished) from Passionate Critters, compiling interlinked stories into a two book series.

Also, in the adult romo category, I’ve been endlessly considering what edits/rewrites are needed in my current WIP, Another Day Dawns. My characters are mad at me. :pissedoff: They are begging for a slow simmer to build into a passionate burn and I’ve brought them from ice to fire within a matter of a couple chapters. So I’ve stopped to really consider their needs before they abandon me altogether.

On the YA writing-the-best-breakout-novel-I-can front, I’m half-way through my current WIP and am loving it. The characters are happy, I’m happy. Er…not to say what’s happening to them is rosy, what fun would that be. 😉 But progress is being made and thanks to the women at YA Fiction Fanatics I may be in submissions before the end of summer.

And last, in the YA spectrum–though geared for MG. I’m writing something for my daughter, who’s going to be 12. Capturing a time in her life and the experiences she shares on paper (via computer). Best of all she wants to read it, asks me if I’ve written more and has talked to several of her friends about it. Progress may be slow on this with the other projects I’ve got going, but I’m determined to make this happen so someday she can look back on it and remember that she inspires me.

So that’s my writing plate. Is yours full?

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