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The Short Reviews:Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction and How I Live Now

23 Dec

I’m a fan of reviews, but don’t always like finding out all there is to know about a book before reading one. Mostly it’s nice to know whether a person loved a particular book, or felt like it was a huge disappointment. So I’ll be focusing on short/sweet reviews and give each book a ‘love’ rating based on the rating system below.


December 2010:

How I Live NowThe Report: My sister suggested this book to me

Title: How I live Now

Author: Meg Rosoff

Pages: 194

ISBN:0553376055 (ISBN13: 9780553376050)

RATING: 4♥♥♥♥ bff’s

How I Live Now surprised me.  I wasn’t positive I would care for the author’s unique way of telling the story. In the end, I enjoyed Meg Rossoff’s writing, characters, world and writing style. Parts of the story were just heartbreaking while others brought hope and laughter.

Overall I thought it was an excellent read. Though, I admit it may not tug everyone’s heart as it did mine.


November 2010:

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2)The Report: Purchased Perfect Chemistry (Book #1) from local bookstore

Title: Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry Series, #2)

Author: Simone Elkeles

Pages: 324

ISBN:0802720862 (ISBN13: 9780802720863)

RATING: 6♥♥♥♥♥♥ marry me!

Simone has fast become one of my favorite authors. All that really needs said, is if you haven’t read the Perfect Chemistry series, do. Now that I’m waiting on Chain Reaction (the 3rd in the series to come out) I’ve bought and read several other Simone Elkeles titles. She’s brilliant. This follow up to the first book, Perfect Chemistry features Carlos, Alex’s brother. Carlos is just as hot, dangerous and full of pride. Kiera, his opposite, seems very innocent, but I love the depth the author gives to her character. This is a book (series) I will read over and over again.

**The third book in the series is all about Fuentes brother #3 Louis. Seriously can’t wait!


October 2010:

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1)The Report: Purchased Perfect Chemistry (Book #1) from local bookstore

Title: Perfect Chemistry

Author: Simone Elkeles

Pages: 360

ISBN:0802798225 (ISBN13: 9780802798220)

RATING: 6♥♥♥♥♥♥ marry me!

Simone creates fantastic characters in a lovely story. I adore Alex, the guy from the wrong side of the tracks pitted with the perfectly imperfect Brit. There’s a growth in their relationship that the author captures and maintains throughout the story. And an honesty about how Alex (a gang member) views life and girls. Simone does an excellent job at volleying between the two characters POV, which was key in this book. In short, I loved Perfect Chemistry, love the author, and now I’m off to purchase Rules of Attraction. (No such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to books written by Simone!)


These and future reviews can be referenced any time in the future by clicking on THE SHORT REVIEWS title in the menu bar above the blog header. Hope you enjoyed the reviews! I would love to hear about what you’ve read, what books you love and/or if you have any suggested reads for me. Just let me know by leaving a comment on this post.


In the wee hours of morning.

7 Jun

Our house becomes my writing haven. A dark, quiet place where my dreams metamorphose into the reality of a manuscript. My laptop hums, singing a writers lullaby. And out of the shadows new worlds come to life. Home is no longer at home. It’s a farm in the 1940’s. A school. A forest. A place characters laugh, cry, love, fear. Where their souls come alive, breathing life into the story. Yep. All during those wee hours.

A Full Plate

4 Jun

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:rdBF0a79z4uIdM:http://thepirata.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/laptop_as_food-500x361.jpgBusy much? Nowadays, I think, who isn’t. Between work and writing, kids and family, events and get togethers. Busy, busy busy.

But since I haven’t written a post on what I’m writing, in well, forever. I’m gonna start by saying, that’s busy too. So what’s on my plate?

In the adult, I’m-going-to-be-a-romance-writer-world, I’m in the midst of writing a short story for a FREE READ due out in December. The idea, spearheaded by author and critique partner, Stephanie Taylor, has several of the women (published and unpublished) from Passionate Critters, compiling interlinked stories into a two book series.

Also, in the adult romo category, I’ve been endlessly considering what edits/rewrites are needed in my current WIP, Another Day Dawns. My characters are mad at me. :pissedoff: They are begging for a slow simmer to build into a passionate burn and I’ve brought them from ice to fire within a matter of a couple chapters. So I’ve stopped to really consider their needs before they abandon me altogether.

On the YA writing-the-best-breakout-novel-I-can front, I’m half-way through my current WIP and am loving it. The characters are happy, I’m happy. Er…not to say what’s happening to them is rosy, what fun would that be. 😉 But progress is being made and thanks to the women at YA Fiction Fanatics I may be in submissions before the end of summer.

And last, in the YA spectrum–though geared for MG. I’m writing something for my daughter, who’s going to be 12. Capturing a time in her life and the experiences she shares on paper (via computer). Best of all she wants to read it, asks me if I’ve written more and has talked to several of her friends about it. Progress may be slow on this with the other projects I’ve got going, but I’m determined to make this happen so someday she can look back on it and remember that she inspires me.

So that’s my writing plate. Is yours full?

We are what we write?

24 May

I don’t mean that if you write about vampires than you are one…are you? Seriously though, I know authors who filter ‘their life’ into their stories. I’ll admit to this myself. But how much and how often do we do this?

This past week I got in a tangle with poison ivy and let me tell you “IT SUCKS”. I am very itchy. Can’t hardly stand myself. And frankly, if I could take leave from my body for the next week and come back when it’s done, I would do so. But since I’m stuck with me, I put on the anti-itch lotion and tell myself over and over: I will not scratch. I will not scratch. I will not scratch.*sigh, it’s loads of fun. It ranks up there with getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

Not wanting to be in this torture alone, I’ve decided that my characters can suffer along with me. Because as I sit here and force myself to type and not itch, I think about how in both my WIP have openings for a bout of poison ivy. In the current YA, my MC is about to take a trip and during this trip is a perfect op for the itchy foe. And in the adult romance they’re running a farm. While poison ivy isn’t exactly romantic, some aspects could be…lol. So putting life to story is the name of the game. And we’ll see if last weeks start of another ‘life experience’ makes it into one or both of my works.

How much of your life do you see in what you read? And if you write, how much of your life do you allow to seep into your WIP.

Strawberry Sundae Saturday…

8 May

https://i0.wp.com/www.jgoode.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/sundae.jpgSitting in a booth at a local truck stop, sucking down a strawberry sundae with whipped cream on top. I glance over at my husband and admit to having the urge to jump across the table to kiss the crumbs, from his fried mushrooms, off his lips. lol. I’m not sure what triggered the thought but it was there. So much so, that I put my spoon down and gripped the bench I was sitting on to keep from doing just what I wanted. (There was young children in the room after all.)  🙂

Anyway, I asked him, why he thought I was wanting to leap over the table and devour him. He shrugged and said, maybe it was because he was smiling more today.

This got me thinking about the characters in books and what triggers their attraction to each other. Contrary to what some may think, not all characters are so beautiful that they immediately want each other. An author/friend of mine has said on several occasions that it drives her crazy reading romances where the hero and heroine are attracted to each other but for no apparent reason. She says, “Feelings come from somewhere.”

And she’s right.

Today’s feelings for my husband were brought on by a smile. (That’s what he said.) But after further thought, I like to mix sweet and salty foods. So, I’m chalking up my urge to jump over the table, to eating a strawberry sundae and wanting something fried/salty with it. And it’s not my fault the crumbs were clinging to his lips. 🙂

When you write do you consider the ‘why’? Why does your character feel this way or that? If you can’t answer the why you may need to go back to the drawing board. (Also, do you mix sweet/salty foods?) I recently taught our kids to dip french fries in ice cream. (But only as a treat. Once or twice per summer.)  😉

Almost Paradise

4 Feb

https://i2.wp.com/www.doublerranch.com/images/October%202008%20089.jpgNo, I’m not talking about the song from Footloose. Although, that’s good too. I’m talking about where you live.

Winter is in full swing and while I’m very happy with white cloaking everything in sight. I couldn’t imagine NOT living in Michigan. I love it here. Others hate it. So where would they live instead?

For the characters in my books I consider the locations for them seriously before making final decisions. Locations effect the story and in many ways can even alter the final outcome. I’ve put my characters in the freezing Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and in the hot Arizona Desert. They’ve been rained on in an invented town, similar to London and experience the windy city of Chicago, in Illinois. Sometimes characters react like my mom. They want warmth when they’re cold. (She constantly talks about moving to Florida, after fifty plus years of Michigan winters she says she’s ready to go). While other characters long for a brisk wind to dampen the scorching sun.

In the critique group I belong to, Passionate Critters, we are dispersed all over the place. From New York to Colorado, from Hawaii to the United Kingdom, and Alabama to Spain.

Would you consider any of these places a personal paradise? Are you living there? Or do you dream of living there? Feel free to post a link in your comment so I can check it out.Who knows, maybe you can change my mind about Michigan being my paradise.

For writers, why have you chosen a particular location for your characters?

The places mentioned in this post have each been linked back to a tourism, plan your holiday, site. **This is my disclaimer: Vacationing somewhere is different than living there. 🙂

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