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Agent sites and blogs, when you query.

9 Feb

Word of warning. Cause for concern. Be sure and check out agents and their sites before subbing to them. During a visit to one of my favorite agent sites this past week, I read that the agent has considered pulling submission in the United States because authors are not subbing anything remotely close to what they represent. Mind you, this is an agency that deals solely with YA/MG manuscripts. Still, a quick click of the mouse and a writer will know what the agency does and does not rep.

Don’t get me wrong, mistakes get made. Sometimes we hit send on our submissions before checking that everything is attached, spelled or punctuated properly. However, a mistake is a mistake, but unprofessional is unprofessional. It is a mistake to forget an attachment. It is unprofessional to approach an agent when you have done no research on whether or not the agent even reps your genre.

We expect agents to respond to us, get annoyed when they don’t. We expect them to represent us to the best of their ability, to get our books published and on the shelf. And we would be furious if they didn’t do their homework on publishers. So again, I caution all authors take a good look at the agent prior to submitting to them. In the end, it saves everyone time, allows agents to continue excepting submissions and heck, maybe even respond too them.

The title of this post says it all: Agent sites and blogs. Just use them. Most times you’ll find nice specifics that can help you to personalize your query. It’s worth the time.

After you comment feel free to check on the ‘Agent blogs’ on my sidebar. Also, when searching for an agent at lets say, Agent Query, don’t forget to look at their agency websites for more personal guidelines. After all, agents are human too and they may have forgotten to update their guidelines.

Good luck and happy querying.


Another Year Older…

19 Jan

Turned 29 on Sunday and family members have taken the opportunity to remind me that I’m in the final year of my 20’s, and how do I feel about that? The truth is, it is my hope I get better with age. I hope this for others as well.

So how does one get better with age? I think this is accomplished through personal growth.

Unlike bread that sits far too long in the cupboard I’m not molding on a shelf. I’m active, keeping busy much of the time. But busy doesn’t quite cover getting better with age. People can be busy and never accomplish anything.

My year in review, to me, was a BIG one. Full of a spectrum of what I would consider accomplishments.

I grew with my children, maintaining close relationships with them, playing with them, learning with them, teaching them. I grew with my husband. As we both came to understand how to pick ourselves, and each other up after a faltering economy has taken it toll on 10 years worth of our hard work.

I said hello to new friends and bittersweet goodbyes to loved ones. Unfortunately, this is a part of growing as well.

Writing has come full circle with the help of a great new group of friends and the support of family. It has been a year filled with excitement, doubt, learning and satisfaction.  With nearly 3 completed manuscripts in one year and first submissions going out, I couldn’t be more excited.

My prayer for this year is that it is as full as the last. I look forward to the day I can say my 20’s are behind me and I’m ready to explore 30. But I’ll wait for it. There’s plenty to do and learn before then. I want to get better with age and believe we all can.

How do you ‘grow’ and what do you accomplish to make you better with age?

Image from: Jeff Bucchino, “The Wizard of Draws”

That's a wrap!

13 Jan

Popular shows saying goodbye. Besides Oprah, it’s been said Miley Cyrus may be saying good-bye to her much beloved character. And while the two shows are as different as night and day. Millions of viewers will be sad to see them end.

But change is inevitable, unless you’re apart of the cartoon Simpsons family, who will celebrate their 20th year on-air tomorrow. Though, I’m sure there will come a day when Bart gets tired of being the same age and that too will end. (With my 29th birthday looming the thought of being the same age for 20 years is sounding fairly good). Hmm.

On a writing note, submissions are underway. And the research for the next manuscript is coming along. I’ve had great response from the Gila River Indian Community and look forward to learning as much as I can about the area and the community in Arizona.

Also, a quick congratulations to a fellow critique partner, Nina Croft as she has her first e-book coming out today with Shadowfire Store. The book is entitled, ‘The Tiger of Talmare’. (Please know, this is intended for adult reading).

Off to see what sort of trouble I can get into.  😉

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